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At CircleDNA, we empower individuals around the world to take control of their health with personalised advice and recommendations, based on their DNA. Our mission is to make preventive healthcare and long-term health management easier than ever – and you can help us do it.

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Unique and innovative health product

With one swab, CircleDNA provides a personalised health guide that helps you identify ways to improve your well-being and reduce disease risk with detailed insights from your DNA.

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Established brand value and customer base

Featured in The Times, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and many other top media outlets, CircleDNA has 200,000+ customers globally, across APAC, EMEA, and North America.

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Attractive & competitive margins

With you as our valued exclusive distributor, you can benefit from our high value products at competitive prices and our cost-effective operations for competitive margins.

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End-to-end support guaranteed

We are here to help set you up for success - from sales & marketing materials to product training or even pick-up services, we provide a hassle-free distribution experience.

A holistic and unique offering that provides real results

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CircleDNA Metric

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CircleDNA Metric

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CircleDNA Premium DNA Test

One swab offers the optimal solution to your customers’ needs

Gift your customers a lifetime of health and insights with CircleDNA - the most holistic genetic test and the ultimate investment in their well-being, not to mention your long-term business success.

Our most popular Premium DNA test offers 500+ reports across 20 categories to help individuals uncover their:

  • Optimal diet, fitness, and wellness
  • Risk level for inherited cancers & disease
  • Carrier conditions that may affect their future family
  • Prescription drugs response
  • Ancestry breakdown

CircleDNA is a proud health partner of numerous notable organisations worldwide

CircleDNA in Watson Ceremony

“Our customers in Asia are increasingly health conscious as they look for preventive health solutions for themselves, and their families. As such, we are excited to launch CircleDNA in Watsons Hong Kong, providing an easy solution for personalised digital healthcare assessments.”

- Ms. Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson Asia and Europe

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CircleDNA Lab

CircleDNA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in all aspects of its operations

By testing with CircleDNA, we understand that you’re giving us access to your most personal information. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

As an ISO15189 certified lab, it adheres to rigorous international standards for medical laboratories, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and safety in all its genetic testing services. Our goal is for you to always feel informed, empowered, and respected during every step of the process.

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About CircleDNA

Launched in 2019, CircleDNA offers a comprehensive genetic testing service that offers insights into ranging health areas. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly online platforms, CircleDNA and parent company Prenetics – a global leader in genomics and personalised healthcare – are empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being through actionable DNA insights.